Green reflects on bubble hardships, says 2020 title was most valuable

Green reflects on bubble hardships, says 2020 title was most valuable

Only those who were in the bubble in 2020 can appreciate how difficult and demanding that year was. The Lakers made their way through the playoffs and overcame many difficulties to win the title. Their journey was unspeakable. Danny Green was on their squad then. He recently expressed his views on why that was the toughest finals ever and why he thinks that title was the most worthwhile.

Green had just won a ring in 2019 when he was traded to the Lakers as a crucial component for their championship quest. He joined a team that was on a roll and predicted to win it all. He was a marksman who could excel in the playoffs and make clutch threes.

Green recalled: "The playoffs that year were not like our regular season or previous playoffs. In the bubble, you had to play every other day. That was too much stress. I'm not the type to reminisce and get emotional, but if anyone brings up that time or suggests something like the bubble again, I don't want to experience it ever again. I almost got PTSD-like symptoms from it."

"There was nothing to do there. It was like being in prison. You couldn't fish or golf. You just stayed in a room all day, waiting for the next game. Before our families came to visit us, we were trapped there for three months. July, August, until September. Then we stayed for another half month. We were there for almost 100 days."

NBA players are energetic and have diverse hobbies. They have various ways to relax in their spare time. It's hard to imagine how they could endure such a secluded life in the bubble for so long. That's why Green called their title incredible and said he almost got a mental illness after that.

In the playoffs that year, Green averaged 8 points and 3.3 rebounds. He didn't have any remarkable performances, as he was just a role player. But he occasionally hit some key threes, which helped the Lakers' perimeter defense and offensive spacing.

Green finally talked about his ring from the bubble. He said it was the most valuable one, as it was also Kobe's year ring. He said he might sell it. Currently, Green is a free agent again after 14 seasons. Due to injuries and form issues, his market value is not very high. It's understandable why he's ready to sell his most valuable ring.

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